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Truck Update

In my last post about the new Scalextric Trucks, I said that they weren’t happy on tighter radius curves than Radius 2. Since then, I set up track for the kids in the loft room and had the trucks piling around it very nicely including one radius 1 curve.

For those interested in what the track looked like here it is:

Scalextric Track 18E

Scalextric Track 18E

You’ll notice that it doesn’t quite match up at the right hand end of the start/finish straight. The Scalextric Track Designer doesn’t include the long straights included in the APC set reviewed here. They’re slightly shorter than a 1 Straight + 1/2 Straight and by using them made the track work.

Continuing on the topic of trucks though, you may or may not recall that C302Scalextric have previously had a couple of trucks, or Juggernauts as they were referred to back then. The major difference is that these both came with their own trailers. They were sold by Scalextric in the early and mid eighties. The Juggernaut Lowloader (C302) has a red cabin with a flat-bed trailer on to which you can put a car – it has a slot specifically in theC301
flat bed area to cope with the car’s guide blade. The other, C301, The Juggernaut Roadtrain is a container lorry with the picture of a F1 car on it along with Leyland and Mobil writing.

I recently managed to get hold of C302 from ebay. It included the original cardboard box, albeit in a tatty state, but the chromed parts and decals were still in their plastic bags and there was little evidence of use. As a consequence I’ve wanted to pair it up with C301 and I’ve been looking for it on ebay for a while now.  Just the other day, I managed to bag one that looks like it’s hardly been run and it too has the chrome parts and decals still in their plastic bags.

I’m looking forward to be able to have both of them going round the track and I’ll report back on what I think of them, particularly in comparison with the new trucks.