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C3514 – Bentley Continental GT3

The new Bentley Continental GT3 is a recent acquisition that I’d been looking forward to Scalextric releasing the moment I saw the picture on the website much earlier in the year. I know I had to have one. C3514 is the High Detail version. There is another car, C3515 which is a Super Resistant version and has slightly different decals with blacked out windows.

Looked at on the website, the white bodywork looks, well, just white. But under closer, physical inspection, it’s clear that there is a pearlescence about it. I’m not sure whether this is paint or actually embedded in the plastic of the bodywork itself. Nevertheless, I like it.

Front Wing of Bentley Continental GT3

Front Wing of Bentley Continental GT3 – Click to enlarge

There’s a good deal of detail going on with the car as well. The massive rear wing might be of concern to some, Scalextric rear wings don’t have a great reputation for being that hardy to knocks. Nevertheless, it looks very much at home on this very muscly car. The chassis feels very low to the ground with very little clearance between the wheels and the wheel arches. I particularly like the look of the front wings and headlight detail.

Underneath the Bentley Continental GT3

Underneath the Bentley Continental GT3 – Click to enlarge

Looking at the underneath of the car, the magnet is placed just to the rear of the centre of the car and there’s a digital plug cover there making it easy to go digital with this car. It’s interesting to note how the guide blade is “countersunk” in to the underside of the car. I’ve not seen this on any other cars that I have. Clearly the intention is for this car to run very low on the track. It looks great, but here are two concerns around this. Firstly, does that mean the front lip will be so low that it will snag on small imperfections in the track joins? And secondly, does that mean that it will be de-slot easily because the guide isn’t actually going very deep in to the slot? We’ll have to see, I’ve not run this on a circuit yet – I’m a bit concerned about running it up to full speed really with that huge wing at risk.

So, there you have it, the new C3514 Bentley Continental GT3 High Detail from Scalextric.

When I get up the courage, I’ll give it a run and come back and add further to this post about its track performance.

C3514 Bentley Continental GT3

C3514 Bentley Continental GT3